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Have you suffered discomfort and experienced loss of quality of life? Is it time to reclaim your quality of life, to get back on to your feet and to return to your old, light-footed self again? Paroven may help you to regain your quality of life quickly and thoroughly."


Paroven oral tablets and capsules helps to relieve symptoms of venous insufficiency. Before taking Paroven always consult your doctor or pharamcist

What Paroven fort is used for?

Paroven Forte contains hydroxyethylrutosides, which are semisynthetic flavonoids. Paroven Forte is used as an aid in the relief of tired, aching, heavy, painful or swollen legs when associated with chronic venous blood vessels called capillaries into the surrounding tissue. Paroven Forte may strengthen the walls of the capillaries and help to reduce the leaking. This may help blood to be pumped through large vessels (veins) back to the heart and result in better blood flow through the legs.

Strengthens vein walls

Paroven protects the vessels (capillaries) by reducing the leakage of water and other substances across the walls

Enhances microcirculation

Paroven improves microcirculation by reducing microvascular permeability, Paroven improves microcirculation and oxygenation 

Relieves pain and swelling

Paroven relieves pain and reduces swelling thanks to the effect of oxuretin which improves the microcirculation 

Clinically proven effectiveness

  • Fast and effective relief of the symptoms of tired legs.
  • Numerous studies demonstrates the effectiveness of Paroven in relieving symptoms associated with Chronic Venous Insufficiency.
  • Combined therapy of compression stockings and Paroven has proven to be significantly superior in reducing leg oedema
  • Clinical effectiveness led to implementation of Oxerutin treatment in guidelines of Varicose treatment
  • Paroven can be considered during pregnancy. Ask your doctor for advice.